My Journey Begins


I have just returned from a Social Media Event – #A2WSocialMediaLag held on 18 May 2013 and I must say I was highly inspired by the likes of Deolu Akinyemi, Yoma Victor, Victor Ekpa, Temitope Akinyemi, Gbonju Sanni, Ife Adeyemi and Solomon James.

It was a day I have set out to make after the initial drag of postponing several events organised by A2W (More on this subsequently – Keep an eye on this blog).

I got there just on time (4pm) and sat down waiting and counting the influx of people like me who walked in to learn from the giants (permit me to use this for now) I just mentioned. Just about 4:20pm, Yoma graced the floor and with his looks and eloquence, my already disgruntled spirit (due to the 20 minutes delay) got lightened…

Fifteen minutes after the start, I forgot my worries and was asking myself the question why I have not started this journey. This journey which has made so many come out of the rat race which I am currently running. The journey which has made some think less and write more. The journey which I have seen and heard so many embark on. The journey I have helped some people by relishing their tastes. The journey called blogging.

This event I attended was a real eye opener for me. It has made me begin this journey. So I begin this journey with what I learned at end of the event:

“As I begin this journey, where I am going to I know, but the road to get there I cannot define. The only thing clear about this journey is that I have a picture of what the destination looks like and the best I can do is to get started. I don’t know tomorrow, but the best I can do is to get up and start something.”

I have started and will get to my destination…O yes! that event said it – Persistence will be a key.

Join me as I overcome this inertia and feed you with the treasures I have been hiding in my mind.

Your advice, helps, tips, comments, and general viewing would be of great help.



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