Life is Short, Dream Big!

dream big
Dream Big

We often find ourselves giving excuses for our failures…

“My Boss is wicked”, “she will never say Yes to me”, “I am too short”, “I am too tall”, “I am ugly”, “I don’t ve a nice shape”…

and all that…

I am guilty as well sometimes but my disposition changed when I watched the story of KYLE MAYNARD. Here is a little piece from me to you. Read, comment and share.

It feels like I just woke up
I slept a baby
I woke up an adult
What a transformation!
When you are young, you can’t wait to get older.
When you get old, you will do anything to feel younger.
The Irony of life!

In a sense, you start dying when you stop dreaming.

Remember when you were like 5years old, the world felt so small.
You dreamed of being an astronaut
You dreamed of being a Doctor
He dreamed of being an Engineer
She dreamed of being an Architect
They dreamed of travelling around the world

What happened to all those dreams?

Some would say reality check!

I beg to differ Stevie Wonder was born blind, but he had a dream Kyle Maynard was born without any limbs, but he had a dream.
Martin Luther King was not born rich but he famously said “I have a dream”

What is your dream?
Success is not the key to happiness
Happiness s the key to success
Like that famous Nike slogan “Just do it”
‘Cos in the end life is too short not to dream big!

Composed by Tomi Otubusin


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