Bucket carrier: A Reality


In case you missed the buckets or pipelines, see my previous post.

Henry has just graduated from school and began his quest for a good job. He applied to several companies which ranged from the Engineering firms to the Banks. Being a young second class upper Engineering graduate, Henry got invited for several job aptitude tests and subsequent interviews. Some he got past the aptitude test stage and others he didn’t get a reply mail. He kept his search on. Being a first son, the daunting responsibilities beckoning him was alarming as he depended on his parents who were taking care of his other siblings.

Congratulations!!! Henry got a job and he was to start as a Bank staff with a fat paycheck. Smiling home daily, Henry began to carry his buckets and woke up very early to come home very late.   The weight of the Family burden made him work harder to get up the ladder to carry heavier buckets (=promotion). All seemed well, Henry went on to carry heavier buckets, got married, had some lovely kids and because the rewards he got from carrying heavy buckets was significantly huge, he sent his kids to the best schools where they had to learn about carrying buckets.

Henry woke up from a lovely weekend treat. He must have really being refreshed because he spent that weekend with his wife and kids – his bucket carrying had extended to the weekends but this weekend was a free one for him so he had to make up for the times he hadn’t spent with them. A weekend spent in a very cozy environment with family. You could envy the sight of Henry and his family on this particular weekend. I leave you to imagine what this means.

“I love you too”, he told his wife as he drove off to work early to beat the usual traffic when so many bucket carriers hit the road – The Monday morning rush. Henry got to the office right on time as usual and then the drama of carrying buckets without the thought of building pipelines began to unfold as he tries to logon to his workstation.

“Kindly, contact the Human Resource administrator if you are unable to logon to your system”, clearly displayed on the HP 19’ flat screen monitor assigned to workers of Henry’s caste. In case you don’t understand what this means, it simply implies he had being fired. A big blow to Henry as He spent the next five minutes gawking in deep thought. One can only visualise the miles covered by the thoughts running through his mind.

”My house rent is almost expired…”; “the school term has just ended…”; “my wife is expecting our third child…”; “the Car Loan has not been completely paid…”, “Mama is still in the hospital…”, “I am still owing John… (about $1500)”, “The month is just about ending (=no more paychecks)”, “Helen (=his youngest sister) has just gotten admission into the University”… every thought running so fast to reach the finish line of the track of his memory lane.

I bet you don’t want to be in this situation. This is a typical scenario of what happens to so many in this world of ours and the sad news – it still happens. Here is my take on this:

1. This “no-direction” cycle can be broken if you take your future in your hands to build a system that works or as my initial post puts it, it’s called “building pipelines”.

2. No matter what job you take, no amount of active income is ever enough. Always think passive or residual income.

3. Henry may have being considered a failure but he can pick the pieces of what is remaining in his life and bounce back to build pipelines. “A man can fail many times, but he isn’t a failure until he begins to blame somebody else”.

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Buckets or Pipes???

This is a story I learnt in a seminar I attended over the weekend (A2WJuneRally), and I think it’s only proper that I share it with you as well. I’m not the owner of this story and this is something I copied from the writer of this story (Deolu Akinyemi). It’s an interesting story that connects with us in some little ways. It’s the story of our lives, and we can clearly see where we are in the journey to become financially free.

It so happened that once upon a time, in a village somewhere in Africa. A new king ascended the throne, and felt it was the right thing to get water for his people. He decided to hire the services of two good young men to help deliver the promise of water to his people. He offered to pay them $10 per 25 litre bucket of water, and the two of them were excited about the possibilities. The first day of work they both carried 10 pairs of buckets each. It was tedious and hard labor, but by the time they got their payment, they were excited all over again. They continued like this for one week, until one of the contractors called his colleague and told him that even though they were earning $200 per day, he did not feel that what they were doing was sustainable. He suggested to his colleague that rather than go to the stream to fetch water everyday, why not put forces together and develop a pipe that can run from the stream to the town. The colleague however wanted none of that approach. Why will he leave the bird in hand and be hunting for two in the bush. Why should he reduce the number of buckets he can fetch today, and focus on a pipe that might fail, that might burst, that might even be attacked by militants. Rather than take that risk, the bucket colleague continued to fetch his water. The pipe colleague decided to still carry about 4 buckets in a day to have some small cash, and focused his energies almost totally on constructing the pipes.

After 1 month, the pipe had gotten halfway. This ensured that the colleague who was developing the pipe didn’t need to travel as far as the bucket pusher to get more results and to still have time to focus on completing the pipes. After three months, the pipe was completed. On the day it was launched, he was able to fill over 100 buckets of water. Now he doesn’t need to go anywhere anymore, the pipes just need to be open and he’ll earn. The bucket pusher of course lost his job and had to apply to another village. His strength was also waning. He couldn’t go on vacation, he couldn’t really afford not to work for long. He doesn’t have time, he is busy, he is a bucket pusher!

Before you criticize the bucket pusher too much, I have a few questions for you. Can you afford to stop working for 3months or more? God forbid you have a health issue that requires your resting for 6 months, does that thought frighten you? Do you have income that does not require your input anymore to be made? Do you have a system that you are working on that has the capacity to be a pipe for you? Are you dimming your present to brighten your future? Are you carrying buckets or building pipes? Don’t get this wrong, having your own business is not building pipes, so long as the business needs you everyday, the chances are high that you have a bucket carrying business. When you die, nobody can inherit your bucket carrying business, but someone can inherit your pipe. Carrying bucket can become sophisticated with the use of trucks or cranes, but so long as there is no system, or the system requires your regular input to survive, you are still carrying buckets!

Carrying buckets is a good start, in fact it’s were we all have to start if we are to make anything in the short term. There are creative ideas that can make the buckets you even carry worthwhile and effective. If you want to grow and become wealthy however, you need to start working on your pipes. Let me give you a few examples of what can constitute a pipe, and the characteristics to watch our for in a good piping system.

1. A real estate investment can be a good pipe system. It’s simple, you invest money and time in building a house, and you put it up for rentals. Even if you don’t work for again, if you have enough of these type of investment, it continues to yield annually. If you live in a country where rent is paid monthly, you earn monthly. Like all pipes, there are some elements of risk. Risk here involves something major happens and people need to flee where your property is. There is a fire incident, a water incident or a natural disaster, or there is an economic meltdown and the values of property plummets. All good thing however have risks, so it’s just understanding the worst and moving in faith in spite of it.

2. Investment in some stocks could be a piping system. There are a few companies in Nigeria that have attained the status of a full pipe for their owners. We have not experienced many company transitions from owner to manager. Any company you can trust to last long, and still be around to pay dividends when you are no longer fit to work is a good pipe. All you need to do is build an investment profile that is big enough to make your dividends make sense. There may be lulls in the market on the short term, but to a person who is looking to build pipes there is no problem. There are people who enter the stock market with a bucket mentality, it’s fine. When these type of people seriously outnumber the pipe layers is when the economics begins to wobble. Investment in stocks is a time tested way of building a pipe. This also has it’s risk, the investment is in a business, and there is no business that is risk proof. It’s just that when all you are doing is carrying buckets, you are running a greater risk!

3. Network Marketing is another good piping system. Many of us have experienced the wrong type of Network Marketing. We have experienced companies that we didn’t know where not built to last. To know a network marketing opportunity that can build you a pipe, the design in place to make it last is crucial. If you ask me, I’ll say this offers the biggest piping potential amongst piping opportunities. Why, because in just a few months, or years, you can have a network that companies that have existed for 160yrs can’t boast of. Imagine for example that you are in a network where you make one sale per month, and coach your direct report (downline) to do the same, things will grow slowly, but if this model of small activity is maintained in 20 months, you’ll have a network of over 1 million people. Even if it was one per year, and it took you 20yrs to build this network, it is well worth it. There are network marketing companies that are over 50yrs old currently, and some that are 10yrs and in between. Some of them have millions already in their network and some people are not actively involved anymore, but are earning obscene amounts per week. The upside of this is that the capital requirements are very small compared to the first two, and is augmented by work. The downside and risk in this, is that the NM company may not last long, figuring out the DNA of a successful Network Marketing company is the required skill here.

4. Setting up your own business, and building systems to ensure that you can retire is a good system. I worked for Procter and Gamble early in my life, and I can say quite confidently that they have a good system. The company has existed of about 172yrs now, the owners have died, and their children too, but the company continues to yield returns for members of the Procter and Gamble family and many of the people who invested in the business along the way. Setting up a systemic business requires a lot of commitment, and hard work. It’s never an overnight success, it takes patience, perseverance and keeping one’s hopes alive. You contend with the speed of advancement of technology, with your environment, with changing times and changing policies, but if you build a business in an area that is your passion, you have a joyful ride all the way. Failure doesn’t move you, success doesn’t relax you. What you want is more than the results, even the journey is appealing to you. People have build businesses, that took care of them, and it’s a good pipe building option. The downside is, business is a risk and you may fail a few times before you succeed. I however do not know anyone who ever succeeded in something he/she never tried.

Are you carrying buckets or are you building pipes? Are you winding down your buckets for the pipes you are building? Or are you too busy with the demands of the buckets that you are not thinking about pipes. Don’t be foolish, the characteristic that qualifies the ants as an example of wisdom, is their ability to live today, with tomorrow in mind. We have said that fear is not enough to stop you, we have said you chose the game that you play, we have said a lot of things about a lot of things. Don’t miss out the essence. You are a spectator if the words touch you and there is no action. You are a player if the words make your game better. 

There are a number of pipes that I am building at the moment that you can be a part of if you want. We are not running beyond ourselves, we are taking it slowly as we have come to understand the value of patience and gradual sustainable growth. We don’t need superstars, just level headed people who are willing to dim the present a little to brighten the future. I have learnt from both my successes and my failures, and I’m much better off in action than someone who is afraid of falling.  If you are interested in knowing the pipes I am working on, and to be a part of this movement that is not confined to Nigeria or to Lagos. You can follow me on twitter (@chibuikestweet), or skype me on chibuike.ogwogwo. you can also mail me (chibuike.ogwogwo@yahoo.com), or reach me on facebook (Chibuike Ogwogwo). 2013 is a strategic year, and I’m looking for 300 people, whose financial destinies will be transformed. We’ll be going around Nigeria and around Africa. We’ll be building a big network of pipes, and perhaps kicking of a school of entrepreneurship as we go. There are pipes to build, and two are always better than one! So, whether we do it together or not, find your team, and start working on your pipes.

What do you think? What are you building? Let me hear from you. Comments…


culled from http://www.deoluakinyemi.com

Ole! Ole!! Ole!!!


It was a sleepless night for me. I have just written the exams I have spent almost two years preparing for. I was extremely tired and had slept after the exams from about 6 pm till 10 pm when I woke up to take dinner. After dinner, then came the inability to return back to sleep or as some would call it, Insomnia. I tried so hard to sleep but it never came. I revisited my books to see if I had answered well in the test, well I may (not) have done so well but I shouldn’t fail – I said to myself.

I opened twitter and read through some tweets on loneliness. I was also facebook chatting with an old secondary school friend who is an emerging successful entrepreneur. I was asking him how he has fared so far because being an entrepreneur is something I have been trying to become someday. He ended the chat by giving me a link at about 1:25 am. The link surely gave me some hope and if you are reading I implore you to read it for yourself too. It was a good one by the billionaire founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman.

By the time I had finished the reading the tweets on starting a business and the above link, my eyes were surely sore and was about shutting down. Happy to sleep, I gently turned off the backlight of my blackberry and slowly closed my eyes. It was about 2:50am when a sudden shout of “Ole! Ole!! Ole!!!…make una come oooo, this guy don thief my phone o!”.

The barely closed lids of my eyes suddenly flung wide open, peeping through my window, all I could hear was a painful shout of “Yee, abeg I no go do am again o!” amidst sounds of sticks, slaps and broken glasses. I picked up my phone and changed my status saying “A sudden shout of “Ole” in my neighborhood has just chased the sleep I long sought for #Robbery #Insomnia”. For someone like me who has just learnt the usefulness of twitter, I posted this to twitter which would automatically post this to my facebook account and then I started twitting about the Robbery with hash tag #RobberyIsBad.

The unfortunate robber was beaten to a pulp from the sound I could hear. I could sense this when his voice, which woke the temporarily dead neighborhood with “yeeee, dem don burst my eye I no fit see again o”, was drifting through the air. The sounds of the sticks, broken glasses and of course hand combos did not stop for about ten continuous minutes. Some angry neighbors who had woken up were patiently waiting outside the compound of the action point. I could hear them say “make una bring am come out make we teach am lesson”. At about 3:15am, the robber was brought out, wriggling in pain. I could barely see his face but could hear him shout “Jesus!” from my window. The angry neighbors interrogating him if he knew what name he was calling made sure their instruments of punishment were utilized until damaged.

This thief would have been burnt because I could hear the neighbors say “make we burn this guy”. When the petrol was poured on him, the instinct to survive came and he ran away. I know he was chased, but definitely the neighbors certainly did not want to put blood on their hands so if he was caught afterwards, my guess is that he was left in the hands of the nearby vigilante guard.

This tale is just typical of the jungle justice that Nigerians mete out on some hoodlums (and sometimes innocent citizens especially when there is misinformation like the ALUU4). I cannot say that Robbery is good in anyway but this is my take in this tale:

1. The Robber was wrong in trying to steal a phone from the neighborhood at such dead of the night.

2. He met with jungle justice which suits him right.

3. The angry neighbors who went too far had crossed the line as to plan taking his life. This robber’s crime may be considered little when we look at what is being stolen at the top (the National Assembly, Senate house and the greedy politicians).

4. Never join an angry mob because the devil enjoys such quagmire since he tricks you to believe you are giving justice while making you commit murder.

After all if GOD had killed us on every sin, then there would be no me writing this blog.

What do you think about this? Drop your comments.