Ole! Ole!! Ole!!!


It was a sleepless night for me. I have just written the exams I have spent almost two years preparing for. I was extremely tired and had slept after the exams from about 6 pm till 10 pm when I woke up to take dinner. After dinner, then came the inability to return back to sleep or as some would call it, Insomnia. I tried so hard to sleep but it never came. I revisited my books to see if I had answered well in the test, well I may (not) have done so well but I shouldn’t fail – I said to myself.

I opened twitter and read through some tweets on loneliness. I was also facebook chatting with an old secondary school friend who is an emerging successful entrepreneur. I was asking him how he has fared so far because being an entrepreneur is something I have been trying to become someday. He ended the chat by giving me a link at about 1:25 am. The link surely gave me some hope and if you are reading I implore you to read it for yourself too. It was a good one by the billionaire founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman.

By the time I had finished the reading the tweets on starting a business and the above link, my eyes were surely sore and was about shutting down. Happy to sleep, I gently turned off the backlight of my blackberry and slowly closed my eyes. It was about 2:50am when a sudden shout of “Ole! Ole!! Ole!!!…make una come oooo, this guy don thief my phone o!”.

The barely closed lids of my eyes suddenly flung wide open, peeping through my window, all I could hear was a painful shout of “Yee, abeg I no go do am again o!” amidst sounds of sticks, slaps and broken glasses. I picked up my phone and changed my status saying “A sudden shout of “Ole” in my neighborhood has just chased the sleep I long sought for #Robbery #Insomnia”. For someone like me who has just learnt the usefulness of twitter, I posted this to twitter which would automatically post this to my facebook account and then I started twitting about the Robbery with hash tag #RobberyIsBad.

The unfortunate robber was beaten to a pulp from the sound I could hear. I could sense this when his voice, which woke the temporarily dead neighborhood with “yeeee, dem don burst my eye I no fit see again o”, was drifting through the air. The sounds of the sticks, broken glasses and of course hand combos did not stop for about ten continuous minutes. Some angry neighbors who had woken up were patiently waiting outside the compound of the action point. I could hear them say “make una bring am come out make we teach am lesson”. At about 3:15am, the robber was brought out, wriggling in pain. I could barely see his face but could hear him shout “Jesus!” from my window. The angry neighbors interrogating him if he knew what name he was calling made sure their instruments of punishment were utilized until damaged.

This thief would have been burnt because I could hear the neighbors say “make we burn this guy”. When the petrol was poured on him, the instinct to survive came and he ran away. I know he was chased, but definitely the neighbors certainly did not want to put blood on their hands so if he was caught afterwards, my guess is that he was left in the hands of the nearby vigilante guard.

This tale is just typical of the jungle justice that Nigerians mete out on some hoodlums (and sometimes innocent citizens especially when there is misinformation like the ALUU4). I cannot say that Robbery is good in anyway but this is my take in this tale:

1. The Robber was wrong in trying to steal a phone from the neighborhood at such dead of the night.

2. He met with jungle justice which suits him right.

3. The angry neighbors who went too far had crossed the line as to plan taking his life. This robber’s crime may be considered little when we look at what is being stolen at the top (the National Assembly, Senate house and the greedy politicians).

4. Never join an angry mob because the devil enjoys such quagmire since he tricks you to believe you are giving justice while making you commit murder.

After all if GOD had killed us on every sin, then there would be no me writing this blog.

What do you think about this? Drop your comments.


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