Bucket carrier: A Reality


In case you missed the buckets or pipelines, see my previous post.

Henry has just graduated from school and began his quest for a good job. He applied to several companies which ranged from the Engineering firms to the Banks. Being a young second class upper Engineering graduate, Henry got invited for several job aptitude tests and subsequent interviews. Some he got past the aptitude test stage and others he didn’t get a reply mail. He kept his search on. Being a first son, the daunting responsibilities beckoning him was alarming as he depended on his parents who were taking care of his other siblings.

Congratulations!!! Henry got a job and he was to start as a Bank staff with a fat paycheck. Smiling home daily, Henry began to carry his buckets and woke up very early to come home very late.   The weight of the Family burden made him work harder to get up the ladder to carry heavier buckets (=promotion). All seemed well, Henry went on to carry heavier buckets, got married, had some lovely kids and because the rewards he got from carrying heavy buckets was significantly huge, he sent his kids to the best schools where they had to learn about carrying buckets.

Henry woke up from a lovely weekend treat. He must have really being refreshed because he spent that weekend with his wife and kids – his bucket carrying had extended to the weekends but this weekend was a free one for him so he had to make up for the times he hadn’t spent with them. A weekend spent in a very cozy environment with family. You could envy the sight of Henry and his family on this particular weekend. I leave you to imagine what this means.

“I love you too”, he told his wife as he drove off to work early to beat the usual traffic when so many bucket carriers hit the road – The Monday morning rush. Henry got to the office right on time as usual and then the drama of carrying buckets without the thought of building pipelines began to unfold as he tries to logon to his workstation.

“Kindly, contact the Human Resource administrator if you are unable to logon to your system”, clearly displayed on the HP 19’ flat screen monitor assigned to workers of Henry’s caste. In case you don’t understand what this means, it simply implies he had being fired. A big blow to Henry as He spent the next five minutes gawking in deep thought. One can only visualise the miles covered by the thoughts running through his mind.

”My house rent is almost expired…”; “the school term has just ended…”; “my wife is expecting our third child…”; “the Car Loan has not been completely paid…”, “Mama is still in the hospital…”, “I am still owing John… (about $1500)”, “The month is just about ending (=no more paychecks)”, “Helen (=his youngest sister) has just gotten admission into the University”… every thought running so fast to reach the finish line of the track of his memory lane.

I bet you don’t want to be in this situation. This is a typical scenario of what happens to so many in this world of ours and the sad news – it still happens. Here is my take on this:

1. This “no-direction” cycle can be broken if you take your future in your hands to build a system that works or as my initial post puts it, it’s called “building pipelines”.

2. No matter what job you take, no amount of active income is ever enough. Always think passive or residual income.

3. Henry may have being considered a failure but he can pick the pieces of what is remaining in his life and bounce back to build pipelines. “A man can fail many times, but he isn’t a failure until he begins to blame somebody else”.

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Drop your comments and see you on Sunday.

A. M. D. G.


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