Your Job is not Enough



This post has got me thinking so much. People love to feel secure about their jobs, these tweet posts would change your paradigm. I
t was composed from @deoluakinyemi’s twitter timeline. Don’t forget to drop your comment.

    “@deoluakinyemi: In the 19th century, it wasn’t necessary for married women to work. The man was the bread winner for the family #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: In d agrarian age the labor of the man was sufficient for his house; requirements for farming were also mostly masculine #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: Early 20th century, man entered the industrial age: division of labor, segregation of work & systems came into limelight.. #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: Industrial age work was not brute strength; so became increasingly difficult for only d man’s salary 2 care for his family #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: In the industrial age, women started working to support husbands; unmarried ladies started working bcos they would need it #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: #Industrialage – the concept of housewife started diminishing, as the man required support to provide for his household. #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: Today, we are in the digital or information age. In this age, information has taken on fresh power… #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: Today, bombardment of advertising is inundating, options are almost limitless & services seem more in vogue than products #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: Today, population has increased, d world has shrunk, d playing field is leveled. The earth is round, but the world is flat #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: In progression, the requirements for today are not just the man & woman working, but one job is grossly insufficient… #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: In this day, except you have more than one source of income, the ship of your life is heading for an iceberg. #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: If ur job ties u down exclusively from 8am to 5pm, it better be paying u like a suicide bomber, because that is who u are! #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: I will be sharing thoughts for you to engage your brain and begin to source for multiple streams of income. #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: Dont put all your eggs in one basket, sounds like common sense, but a lot of [people] have all their eggs in one basket. #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: I don’t know if it sounds bright to u to have all ur source of income tied to one place. What will happen if u get fired? #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: The only basket u shd put all ur eggs, is the one u are guarding with ur life, at least you’ll die first before the eggs.. #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: Once you get it, that all your eggs shdn’t be in the same basket, u are on ur way to making a success of ur life’s cruise. #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@kelvintitan: @deoluakinyemi Like the titanic movie. After the hit, the beginning of end started. So is a single stream of income. #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: People, who don’t seek, don’t find. Make the most of your free time. #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: Time is money! I’m sure you have heard that before, but do an inventory of your time and how are you really spending it. #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: U wake early, spend 2hrs on d road to work; then wait for traffic to clear before leaving at 9pm. What free time do u have #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: Most are free at weekends; but use it to attend weddings, hang-outs with funny friends, clear the house, rest, eat out.. #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: Do an inventory of ur last 4 weekends, if none of ur activities adds value to u or ur bank account, u are on a run-down! #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: Time is a very powerful tool, it’s the only resource that has the capacity to make every other resource change. #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: Money grows in time, if properly invested; people appreciate in value in time, if engaged in the right activities. #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: If the things you spend your time on don’t add to you, trust me, they are taking away from you. #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: Look at your time carefully; you’ll see the leaks in your potential and your bank account #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: Look for value you can add. Money is not the cash in your pocket; it’s the reward of value you can add. #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: If you want to understand money better, forget the Notes and paper bills. Think about the concept of trade by barter. #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: #TradeByBarter: way it works is that what I’m giving you is valuable to you, and what you are giving me is valuable to me #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: If you can think clearly in the #TradeByBarter frame of mind, you are on your way to creating lasting wealth.. #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: Money is a legal tender created by man to serve as a standard for equating value. What value can you add? #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: Trying to make money is a wrong business model, trying to add value is the best business model. #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: Keep your eyes on the value, and you won’t miss the money. Keep your eyes on the money, and you’ll end up with a scam. #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: Do FREE Stuff! Do you currently do anything for free? Is what you are doing for free of any value? #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: There are many talents, passions & potentials that die with the owner just becos they never ventured to offer it for free. #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: I have people who came to work with me as volunteers who currently have income targets of N1,000,000 plus monthly. #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: Whatever it is you think you know how to do, start doing it for free. #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: #WantWealthViaValue start by managing an event for free, decorate a party for free, develop websites for people for free.. #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: #WantWealtViaValue, then make cards for people for free, speak at birthdays for free, crack people’s ribs for free… #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: Doing stuff for free helps showcase ur talents, get customers, develop ur skills, offer value & ultimately get rewarded #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: Don’t only work for money; allow money to work for you. #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: Investment these days have become an information game. Those who know first make the big bucks. #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: There are many vehicles for making money work for you, a few are the local stock mkt, the international stock market.. 1/2 #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: ..real estate, Forex market, Intellectual Property, the Internet, etc. Which of these vehicles are you using today? 2/2 #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: #OpportunitiesOfMoneyWorkingForYou Are you skeptical about any? Are you assuming you are too small to play in any? #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: Do you have a stock broker? Do you have a financial adviser? Do u buy Financial News? Are u subscribed to any info source? #YourJobIsNotEnuf”
    “@deoluakinyemi: Who has been advising you? Stop reading and sighing, start reading and taking action #YourJobIsNotEnuf”

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