Financial Mentorship


Yesterday I had a great time with like minds. I was amazed at how people have succeeded networking together and talking about their experiences in an evening session with Deolu Akinyemi. Before the meeting I had a sizzles session with a winning team of goal-getters and was amazed at what skills they used in handling such sessions with prospects. In case you are still confused on what I am talking about, I am a network marketer and those who don’t understand network marketing don’t because they probably never tried to understand it or have got their fingers burnt in what is not network marketing – ponzi and pyramid schemes.

It was a calm Sunday evening. All was seated with smiles and even if they were about to begin the week, some had no troubles that the week was going to start because they had passive income source that was out living their living expenses – they had become financially free. Some who were not, still had reasons to seat and learn from those who had gone through the road and I was one of them. I want to share with you some of the things I learned from the evening session:

So many People Pass Over Opportunities Repeatedly:

 You may have heard the saying “opportunity comes but once” but this saying as I have come to realize is flawed because those who are successful became successful because they had the mindset to look out for opportunities and grabbed them when they appear. No one who has desired to do something positive will remain unsuccessful as long as his eyes are always on the lookout for opportunities. Look around you they are everywhere, if you can’t see them then you have not desired success well enough.

To be successful, you need a Mentor:

I have been told this severally by people who had become successful. Anyone who truly desires success and wants to go far would need the support and experience of people who have gone through the road. Some indeed had become successful without mentors but ask one if you know any who had achieved this feat, they would tell you the same thing, a Mentor will help you get there faster. Afterall a mentor is already where you desire to be.

Never run the race alone:

The journey of a thousand miles begin with a step, taking the right step is so important because if the wrong step is taken, one may have to run forever or run and return back to take the right step. One may have become too tired to even follow that step from the beginning. A mentor will help you find that right step. Get one and run with his guidance.


I got home quite late last night but it was a session that transformed me in a different way because I was able to climb on the shoulders of Giants and see where I wanted to go to…it felt easy seeing it from their shoulders but the journey has only just started. If you want to run this road with me,  drop your comments and let me know what you think. Get to know more about how to become financially free here.

A. M. D. G


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