Make a Millionaire out of your child

Every parent who wants to pass a good legacy to their child(ren) should read this. It is a good way to “cultivate” your child :).

Gbonjubola Sanni


As a child, I always wondered what I could do that would make me a millionaire. I really wanted to be rich and I mean very rich. This is one of the reasons why I care about the financial well being of kids so much. I am sure many kids want to get it right as early as possible. One thing I am certain of is that if they are able to get it right early enough they will be able to achieve whatever they want to achieve as soon as possible. How then can you work towards making your child become rich? Here are some tips:

  • Don’t allow your child to take on degree after degree all because of money. More schooling is not a guarantee for a higher salary; neither is it a factor of how expensive the school is. What is actually required is more alignment with…

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