Are You Ready To Give Birth Yet?

9 months and the year is due to deliver…are you ready to give birth?

Yoma Victor - Nothing Just Happens!


It is the first working day of the week, and the last day in the month of September, it has been an eventful year for me; there have been loads of down, there have been ups too; there have been promises made and those broken; i have learnt a lot, and taught others a lot; i have given voice to many dreams and shied away from others; i have fallen in love and fallen out of love; i have rejoiced with some and cried with others; i have made money and lost money too; so much has happened in life, love, business, etc but it has all made me a better person. If you haven’t been involved in much, you would probably say the year just went by without you knowing; for some, the year traveled too fast.

My thoughts are roving around the fact that we are in the…

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