Part 2: You Will Still Be Working For Money at 65, Unless…

Part 2 of 3

Yoma Victor - Nothing Just Happens!

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Of the 1%, that are financially free, it is sure they didn’t get there by mistake. Putting it into numbers, we can clearly say that if we round up the population of the USA to be 350 million people, then 1% = 3.5 million people. That means 3.5 million people in America generate enough passive income to take care of all their living expenses. The others are lost somewhere between that and poverty. I personally find this instructive; as an individual who wants to win at the business of life, I am curious. What did they do? Or what are they doing? I am of the persuasion that nothing just happens. As I said in the first part of this post  yesterday, only weeds grow without wetting.

From further studies, it was determined that about 75% of…

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