You Will Still Be Working For Money at 65, Unless…

I found this three part posts insightful. What do you think?

Yoma Victor - Nothing Just Happens!


A research/survey was carried in the most powerful nation on earth, 100 people were profiled and studied from the age of 25 when they started working until they retired at 65. The results were surprising, alarming and instructive.

After 40years of working and then retiring, the following statistics were discovered:

54% of them were still DEPENDENT – this simply meant that at retirement, they still needed the help of the government to subsist, they needed their children, church, mosque, charity, etc to sustain them from day to day. Unbelievable, right? What do you think the percentage is in Nigeria? #okBye

24% of them were STILL WORKING; invariably, they retired as principals and HAD to take up a job as a headmaster, or they retired from a company and regularly go back to ask their former co-workers for small contracts to supply toiletries, etc so they can sustain themselves. It…

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