2013 Closeout

At a time when everyone is counting down, here are some words that occurred to me. This serves as my last post for 2013.

I have just completed my 2013 #StockCount and have set my goals for 2014, I’m set to drive into 2014. Are you?

You only have some few minutes left in 2013. What holes are still open to be closed? Close them anyways. Is there someone you can’t forgive? Forgive them anyways. Are there some regrets in the year? That’s why there is the gift of another year to make amends. Move on and don’t stop moving forward. You have another chance to show the world whom you are made of.

As we countdown to round-off the year 2013, I wish you a better, safer, healthier and more successful year 2014 in some minutes.

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

A. M. D. G.


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