If it has to be, its up to me

Its Up to you!

I got this shared by mentor and thought to share it. Enjoy it.

* * *

I have taught Newton’s first law of motion several times both in school and outside school. Yesterday, I learnt it more in a different dimension after a small team meeting. The law states that “Every object will continue to remain in their state of rest or uniform motion unless an external force acts on it” and let me rephrase by saying everything about your life (finance, family, relationships, spiritual etc) will continue to remain in its current state unless an external force acts on it. Follow the lessons. 1. For something new to change in your life, you need an external force. A push! and the push or the force must be greater than the object which is you. Your push may be a dream or a compelling reason that’s greater than your current state. If you are constantly being pushed by an external force greater than you, change is inevitable. If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. You must learn to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. You can’t run away from this if you have to make progress. This is why we write exams in school. 2. For a force greater than you to push you to change, it must be painful. When a woman is in labour, she is in pains but immediately she delivers, the joy of the new born overwhelms the pain. This is very essential. If you have to succeed, it must cost you something. For some people it is staying awake when others are sleeping, working extra hours, labouring in prayers, studying for hours etc. If there’s no cost attached, everybody in the world will be successful. This is what separates us as outstanding individuals and the rest of the world marvels. If you can’t figure out the price and pay it, identify the efforts and commit to it; your dreams may only be mere wishes waiting for another excuse to justify your failure If it is to be, it is up to you. Ask yourself genuinely, do you have an external force pushing you? Are you paying any price now? Your answers should determine your next line of action.

* * *


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