Each job is like a signature

Hello my viewers for sometime, I have not being able to share my thoughts on issues and things happening around me. I guess its because I’ve gotten too busy that I’ve forgotten the reason why I write. I know someone out there is learning one thing or two from my blog so just to get you inspired like I am, I share what I’ve read that could move you to be all you can be. Today, I share from the fountain of my mentor’s wisdom. Its the middle of the year and I do hope you enjoy every bit of it and feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think.
* * *

The story was told in Reader’s Digest published in 1995 about a young man named Greg. As a twelve-year-old he took summer jobs in his father’s small brick-cleaning business. His father made sure that he instilled the attitude of high standard into him. This he did by leading with examples.

At seventeen, Greg married his childhood friend who was only fifteen then. His marriage to Verlyn necessitated his moving out of his parents’ home into a housing project known for drug trafficking and gang violence where most people got killed or went to jail.

Everybody expected the marriage to break up soon being the fact that both Greg and Verlyn were teenagers. But the love and belief they had for each other kept them going and they worked hard to succeed.

Greg worked in a food packaging company as a bagger from where he was promoted to the position of a stock clerk. He took his job very serious and was very efficient which resulted in his being promoted to the position of a stock manager. He later joined a new company. His new company sent him to manage one of their unprofitable stores. The unprofitable store was the very one where he started as a bagger sixteen years earlier.

After 12 months, Greg and his wife decide to buy the store. Within a short while he turned the fortune of the store around and began to invest in other stores. Within ten years they owned eight stores with a total revenue of $52 million a year. Greg didn’t forget his father’s advice – each job is like a signature.

Sometime ago my car broke down in an environment where I did not know anybody except my host. To get the car fixed, he insisted on a particular mechanic and nothing could make him change his mind. I later saw the reason for his insistence. The mechanic signs his signature on every car he touches. I nearly convinced him to come open a shop in Lagos.

Most of us think of benefits first before embarking on any job. Attention should be focused on doing a good job first. The most important thing is to make a good name in whatever you are doing, so that when anybody wants services in that area, your name readily comes to mind.

Beloved, your name is only as good as the quality of work you do, so aim to be the very best in whatever you do.

Culled from Uju Onyechere’s post on MODELS & MENTORS INT’L group on facebook


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