The Magic of Daniel Webster

He was just beginning his career as a lawyer; he took a case for a fee of $20. The case turned out to be a very difficult one, and in preparing for it, he had to make a trip to Boston, which in itself cost more than he was going to earn as a fee.

He was determined, however, to do a thorough job on the case and win it, which he did. In retrospect, it seemed like a small case, but at the time, it was a big victory. Years later, a large company approached him on short notice, asking him to undertake a case for which they were willing to pay a very handsome fee – in fact, a fee quite stunning at the time.

As Daniel Webster reviewed the case, he found that it was almost identical to the one he had researched and won nearly twenty years before for the fee of only $20. He took the case, and just as before, the verdict was in favour of his client. Mike Murdock said, “The quality of your preparation determines the quality of your performance.”

Stop thinking about the money; rather think of how to do a good job first. If you deliver quality job, surely, the money will come. Target to be indispensable. Autograph your job with excellence, and the rest will be history.

Culled from Uju Onyechere.


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