Who pays?

In his book Seizing the Moment, James W. Moore recounted his experience when he was in college.

A new student has just been transferred to their school and who in their classroom sat opposite him in semicircle arrangement. Often he would look across and see him sitting there.

He had the saddest face. He seemed lonely, and understandably so. He had arrived at mid-semester, didn’t seem to know anyone, and was always alone. He remembers feeling sorry for him and thinking he ought to make an effort to welcome him, get to know him, introduce him around, befriend him. But somehow he just never got around to it.
Then one morning he picked up a paper and was shocked to read the headline: “Local College Student Commits Suicide”.

It was the transferred student! He had left a note saying he couldn’t go on because he felt so lonely. It was then that James realized he had missed his moment of caring. 

Beloved, now is the best time to show someone you care. This is the best moment to do that which you have been putting of for ages.

The next second, minute, hour or day maybe too late. You and I do not know what will happen next except our creator.

According to Napoleon Bonaparte “Every moment lost gives an opportunity for misfortune.”

It is said that tomorrow is pregnant and neither of us knows what the outcome will be. So now is the time to do it. Or else someone may pay with his life.

Culled from Uju Onyechere


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