The Seven Practical Steps To Achieve Your Goals

Sometimes in the journey to chase our goals, we get confused on what steps to take. Below are seven practical steps that helps in giving that goal/dream the light of day.

STEP ONE: Decide exactly what you want. Most people never do this.

STEP TWO: Write it down in clear, specific, detailed language

STEP THREE: Set deadline. Set sub deadlines if the goal is large, long term or complicated.

STEP FOUR: Make a list of everything you can think of doing to achieve your goal.

STEP FIVE: Organize your list into a plan based on priorities and sequence, based on what comes first and then what must be done before something else can be done.

STEP SIX: Take action on your plan immediately. Don’t delay.

STEP SEVEN: Do something every day, no matter how small, that moves you toward your goal.

Like my mentor will say, if you fail it is your fault and if you succeed it is your fault. Just choose which fault you want to befall you.

Culled from Olugbenga Asaolu


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