My New Year – The New me

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I and My Lovely Wife

Hello! Happy New Year 2015.

Last year was really great for me with loads of activities. To you my dear readers, please take this as an apology for not filling you in on with the happenings in my 2014 which ended with my marriage to my beautiful and lovely wife.

As I start the new year, here are my key goals:

1. To become a better me: Although this sounds cliche, I have never really taken the time to give this more meaning until recently when I started living with my wife. She has made me resolve to always be better. I want to be a better man, a better husband (even if I have just being one for 3 weeks), the best father (when the kids come) and to be on top of my league at work.

2. To reach my financial target: Shortly after my marriage, I and my wife sat down to plan for this year. We set a target for ourselves and we hope to achieve them. From daily to weekly to monthly expenses, we crossed all the t’s and dotted the i’s.

3. To be Thankful: Gratitude has always being something I do but not with intent. So this year, I would be grateful with intent. To begin this, I would start by thanking GOD for the gift of life. Also I want to thank YOU. Yes ‘YOU!’, for being there to read my posts.

4. To meet more people: I am introvert. This is not something to shy about. I wish to meet more people and do more for people because I learnt from my preparations for my wedding that it is in meeting and helping people that helps you get more from life.

Now the year has started, and so much has started with it. I pray for peace in my country especially in this election year when violence peaks that GOD will help us elect a better leader.

Do have a splendid year and please feel free to share with me how you plan to spend the year on all areas of life.


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