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10 Reasons Why You Don’t Need To Give Up

In life sometimes we all feel like giving up but we simply can’t, here are ten reasons why:

REASON 1: You have already started. There is no need in stopping half way. I am sure stopping half way would not bring back all the time you have invested in ensuring that you achieve this project/plan.

REASON 2: You are almost there. Most times, problems don’t come until you are almost there. Remember, one painful thing about life is not achieving something you knew you could achieve, something that was almost within your reach. Continue reading 10 Reasons Why You Don’t Need To Give Up


Should Anyone Be Jobless?

Vanessa Evans reached her mid-thirties, bored with her job as a paralegal. She had been promised more responsibilities, but more young, fresh-from-law-school attorneys were added to the staff. Finally realizing that her job was a dead end, she began taking stock of what she wanted to do with the rest of her life.

Somehow, she knew that becoming an attorney with the prospects of handling divorce suits and debating property line disputes was not for her. Vanessa was told by a job counselor that she was “getting to the age where she would be hard to place” and that she had just about reached her potential income level in the job where she was. The counselor urged Vanessa, at age 33, to be happy and stay put.

I wonder how many of us that has received this kind of advice in the past, when your parents, teachers, mentors and other experts told you the things you can do and the things you cannot do. Who is better placed to tell you what is possible and what is not? Who knows the power and beauty of your dreams more than you? How did Vanessa react to the advice of the job counselor? Let’s find out.

Angrily, Vanessa left the office, refusing to be limited by the tunnel vision of a job counselor. So what did she want to do with the rest of her life? She had many capabilities, but Vanessa couldn’t decide what she did well enough to make a career out of it. Finally calming down, the determined woman decided to start from square one. What had been her best subject in school? The answer was English. She began evaluating the career choices.

Teaching held no appeal, nor did advertising. It came down to two choices: Vanessa could either read other peoples’ work, or write her own. When she made the conscious commitment that she should be a participant in life, rather than an observer, Vanessa went back to night school and polished her writing skills. Before long, she was happily earning her living as an author.

If you take inventory of your talents, the skills you possess or the skill you can acquire, it will amaze you what will be the outcome.

I still don’t believe anyone should be jobless. There are things to do. Convert that hobby of yours and you could be on your way to building an empire.

All you need is the courage to start small and the discipline to stay focused until you achieve greatness.

It is in you!

The Seven Practical Steps To Achieve Your Goals

Sometimes in the journey to chase our goals, we get confused on what steps to take. Below are seven practical steps that helps in giving that goal/dream the light of day.

STEP ONE: Decide exactly what you want. Most people never do this.

STEP TWO: Write it down in clear, specific, detailed language

STEP THREE: Set deadline. Set sub deadlines if the goal is large, long term or complicated.

STEP FOUR: Make a list of everything you can think of doing to achieve your goal.

STEP FIVE: Organize your list into a plan based on priorities and sequence, based on what comes first and then what must be done before something else can be done.

STEP SIX: Take action on your plan immediately. Don’t delay.

STEP SEVEN: Do something every day, no matter how small, that moves you toward your goal.

Like my mentor will say, if you fail it is your fault and if you succeed it is your fault. Just choose which fault you want to befall you.

Culled from Olugbenga Asaolu