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Let’s learn to live and bless others

Live and love

I just read this blog (http://gbonjubolasanni.wordpress.com/2013/11/13/lets-learn-to-live-and-bless-others/) from a good teacher and I think you can make a difference too. Yes YOU 🙂 .

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Its about spending wisely during the coming holiday season and one of the things that struck me is that we need to get to a level where our lives is not all about us anymore. Even though we have needs, we need to be aware that some people have more pressing needs. Some of us are thinking of the caliber of people we want our kids to school with while some can’t even afford to send their own children to any type of school. Some of us are thinking of balanced diet when some can’t even boast of a meal in a day. Some of us think of designer clothes while some children don’t even have any decent covering for their bodies. We think of living in a better and more serene environment while some kids can’t boast of a proper shelter.

All of these are not bad in themselves as life should continue to get better and better for us all but we need to remember to show love to those who are less privileged for whatever reasons. How else can we do this without giving? Doesn’t the scripture also say it’s more blessed to give than to receive.

I’m a part of an initiative “A thousand smiles” to support an orphanage (Jesus Children Mission Home, Ibadan) that’s been privately run by a family with no regular substantial support before now.

As at today, there are 95 kids in the orphanage with 50 others in people’s homes (adopted, sponsored, etc). This year alone, four of the children gained admission into University of Ibadan, Ibadan and Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife with scores over 250 in the Joint Admissions Matriculation Board exams. They also cleared all their papers in the West African Examination Council exams. It’s amazing!! As a group, we’ve been to the orphanage 3 times and thus observed that they need the following:

1. A coaster bus to take them to/fro schools

2. A building of their own and before then house rents for the home and school buildings for the younger kids

3. Increased cost of feeding to enable well-balanced diets for the growing children

4. Educational scholarships from primary – university education

Our dream is to raise N20 million before December 2013 ends to support the above in a Thanksgiving Variety Show/Special Fund Raising Event on 8 December 2013 where the beautiful talents of the kids in the home will be showcased.

You might not be able to make the event but you can join this cause by making a donation as God gives you the grace.

Like I mentioned to some friends, it’s not actually the amount you’re able to give that matters. It’s more of the spirit behind the giving. N20 million looks like a big feat but if 20,000 of us decide to give N1,000 each, we are there already. If 8,000 of us give N2,500 each, we have it. If 4,000 of us give N5,000 each, we
have it. If 2,000 of us give N10,000 each, we have it and if 1,000 of us give N20,000 each, we have it. Let me not bore you with that, I’m just showing you that it’s possible. I believe you can give something that will put smiles on the faces of these kids who will in turn be able to live life with more vigor.

If you’re interested in being a part of this, kindly send me an email via gbonjute@yahoo.co.uk. As you open doors for others, more doors of great opportunities will be opened to you too.

Thank you.

“A Thousand Smiles” is powered by Women Connected By Purpose.


Wealth Principle Series

Wealth PrinciplesGood Day and Happy New Month. I got this post from a friend on facebook, one of the financial experts I admire – Matthew Abolurin. Read through and don’t forget to drop your comments.

The Power of Imagination

Allowing your mind to picture future possibilities gives you incentive to keep on track toward your goal of becoming wealthy. The rich imagine a lot of times. They picture themselves in the realm of affluence and make it happen by craving for the real experience through creative activities. The poor also imagine but fail to think and act in a certain way to make it happen. The POOR will always wish their imaginations come true without doing anything. Are you going to act on your positive imaginations?

You deserve to be Wealthy

The day you realize that you deserve to be wealthy, immediately align your thoughts, words and actions to that belief. The poor justify their poverty that is why they claim that the poor must always be among us. Think, feel, practice and focus completely by placing a demand on what you deserve- to be wealthy. God desires wealth for you that is why He got everything man will ever need ready before creating him. You deserve to be wealthy spiritually, physically, mentally, financially, emotionally and no area of your life should be richer than the other. What are you eligible to, wealth or poverty?

Passion is critical to creating wealth

Passion is the bye-product of success, achievement and performance in life. Passion ignites our purpose to get more result- peace and prosperity. The people wealthy know how to remain passionate about their dreams to creating lasting wealth. The place of passion cannot be over-emphasized in becoming wealthy. Passion keeps us motivated and helps us to persevere in the face of challenges to achieving our goals. The poor is strongly passionate about survival not riches. What are you passionate about?

Give to charity

Three things the rich know how to do very well are: saving, investing and giving to charity. Giving back to the society is an act of gratitude to God. For God so love the world that He gave… If you want to be rich, you MUST practice the three things that the rich knows how to do very well. Learn to give a percentage of your income not less than 10% back to God and give to charity. Are you supporting a child in school somewhere? Are you giving to the poor around you? The things in your house that you have not used for the past six months to one year are no longer your own, give them out. The more Bill Gates gives to charity, the wealthier he becomes. If you are not giving to charity, it means you’re still poor no matter how rich you think you are.

Caution! Giving alone will lead to more poverty. You give, save and invest in your future regularly.