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Start with Yourself

Madame C.J. Walker

Madame C. J. Walker was born as Sarah Breedlove to poor farmers Minerva and Owen Breedlove on December 23, 1867 on the shores of the Mississippi River, on a cotton plantation in Delta, Louisiana, USA. Exactly two years after the abolition of slave trade.

She was orphaned at age seven, married at fourteen and became a widow and mother at twenty. She experienced hardships and discrimination typical of the United States at the time. As a result of her parents’ death, she was forced to move from one household to another.

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What is Living?

September Fishing
September Fishing (Photo credit: RobW_)

I have being out on a business trip and thus have being out on this platform. The month of September has come to a close. This is also the end of the third quarter of 2013 and gradually the year closes. I read through the timeline of my mentor on twitter (@deoluakinyemi) today and was moved to action by his tweets. I felt sharing it would make an impact. Don’t forget to drop a comment and have a great month of October.

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As we advance in years our life reserves get reduced and we embark on the process of dying. #WhatIsLiving

Living is dying; like d pages of a book, as d left piles up, d right diminishes until we hit d back cover & turn d book over.. #WhatIsLiving

It is however interesting that in order then to live life fully; one must embrace the possibility of death. #WhatIsLiving

Full life is impeded by the fear of dying. #WhatIsLiving

The pages drag slowly, the moments lack zest, when we refuse to plunge or dive because we are afraid! #WhatIsLiving

We have only one shot at life, yes, it’s going to end with death anyway, so why not live it fully with no regrets? #WhatIsLiving

“People living deeply have no fear of death” – Anais Nin #WhatIsLiving

Why not enjoy d journey since destination is sure? Why not with passion, excitement and fulfillment? #WhatIsLiving

I shudder at the statistics of people who really live deeply? Only a few percentage of people ever live beyond ordinary lives. #WhatIsLiving

Many of us unconsciously live with the template of Solomon Grundi, our lives follow a predictable sequence. #WhatIsLiving

For many, their key motivation is not more life, but the fear of not losing the one that we have. #WhatIsLiving

Many people wake up early every morning and engage in a race to work and back. #WhatIsLiving

We race to work not bcos of passion, love or excitement, but just to put food on the table, & we think we must do it this way #WhatIsLiving

Many ‘hope’ dat 1 day they’ll suddenly hav a rush of courage & live their dreams; give up who we are for wat we are capable of #WhatIsLiving

For many, one day, one day comes one day late, and then you are late and its too late. #WhatIsLiving

Yank off your life from the slow road guarded by fear, move into the lane where life is rich and adventurous. #WhatIsLiving

It’s not a road void of challenges, nay, but it’s exciting and full of stories. #WhatIsLiving

Living life more fully is empowering & capable of making you a guiding light for thousands or millions of prisoners of fear. #WhatIsLiving

When was the last time you broke your routine and did things in the spirit of love? #WhatIsLiving

I’ve sometimes wondered why the two greatest commands in the bible have to do with love – loving God & loving one’s neighbors.  #WhatIsLiving

Love is d significant essence of our lives. We are made to love, we act with our deepest passion & boldness when there is love #WhatIsLiving

Love! Not selectively, love deeply, cares, show affection, build lasting and worthwhile relationships. #WhatIsLiving

Let your love for others be bound by your love for God. We were created 4 God’s pleasure & he’s pleased when we replicate His love #WhatIsLiving

When did you last show love? When next are you going to act out of love? When? When will you love the unlovable? When? #WhatIsLiving

When? When will you do what is motivated by another’s benefit and not yours? When? #WhatIsLiving

“Some of the world’s greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible.”- Doug Larson. #WhatIsLiving

If you say more yes than no, you’ll leave a life of bigger possibilities. U’ll achieve more, have more fun & live more fully. #WhatIsLiving

say yes to people that need help, say yes to opportunities, say yes to adventure, say yes to more life, say yes to your dreams. #WhatIsLiving

Say yes more often, than No! If it doesn’t go against God’s principles, the answer is yes! #WhatIsLiving

I discovered ive been saying lots of yes in my life. Ive said more yes than no & it makes life interesting and unpredictable! #WhatIsLiving

It’s so amazing how we submit ourselves to a sheltered experience in life. #WhatIsLiving

We want to be safe, so we put our lives in a safe deposit box, lock ourselves out of opportunities… #WhatIsLiving

Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all. #WhatIsLiving

It is only those who dare to fail greatly that can achieve greatly, you are not likely to go further than you dare!  #WhatIsLiving

You are not likely to discover new islands until you are willing to lose sight of old shores. #WhatIsLiving

There is a roman proverb that says that it’s better to live one day as a lion than a thousand days as lambs. #WhatIsLiving

It’s not the quantity of life that counts it’s the quality of life. #WhatIsLiving

Enoch’s short life of adventure is worth the record lifespan of many Methuselahs. #WhatIsLiving

Living without courage is like stew without salt, I’ll rather a small serving of tasty stew than a whole pot of salt-less soup #WhatIsLiving

Is your life an adventure, or are you bored? Dare! #WhatIsLiving

“Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live” – Dorothy Thompson #WhatIsLiving

There different species of fear, the fear of failure, the fear of death, the fear of criticism e.t.c. #WhatIsLiving

Fear is one of the strongest forces on earth. Folklore even says that fear beats death in it’s own corridor, #WhatIsLiving

Fear is likely to kill more people than death should they happen upon the same scene. #WhatIsLiving

Fear is to Faith, what Friction is to Force, our progress is hindered mostly by our doubts and fears. #WhatIsLiving

Progress hence, is the art of mastering fear, confronting fear and acting in spite of fear. #WhatIsLiving

Fear not! – this phrase appears in the Bible 366 times, that’s one for everyday and an extra one for the leap year. #WhatIsLiving

Fear is a scarecrow on the farmland of life, designed to chase away the timid souls from the fresh corn a few inches below. #WhatIsLiving

In no day must we live in fear! Like Mark Twain said, courage is not the lack of fear, it’s acting in spite of fear. #WhatIsLiving

It’s okay for you to become afraid from time to time, but never let your actions be determined by the feelings of fear. #WhatIsLiving

“The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure.”- Sven Goran Eriksson #WhatIsLiving

A book about the greatest Network Marketing Achievers I read had someone saying “focus on the activities, not the results”. #WhatIsLiving

It was an IBM CEO who said that in order to double his success rate; he had learnt to double his failure rate. #WhatIsLiving

Get the activity right, the result will ultimately measure up. If you are prepared to fail often enough you will succeed often enough. #WhatIsLiving

Don’t follow the paths that exist, create a new path and leave a trail. #WhatIsLiving

Failing is not d same thing as becoming a failure. Failing becomes failure if failing is a destination rather than a bus stop. #WhatIsLiving

If you really want to succeed you must be ready to fail a lot more! #WhatIsLiving

I proudly tell people today that I have sold bread, sold eggs, sold akara [that’s beans ball], done transport business, barbed hair, e.t.c. #WhatIsLiving

Are you failing enough? Or is your life filled with successes because you are not attempting much? #WhatIsLiving

It matters that I am not numbered with timid souls who know neither success nor failure because they were to afraid to fail. #WhatIsLiving

Don’t live a boring life, venture, lose some money, get some history – but don’t sin. I’m sounding like Ecclesiastes. #WhatIsLiving

“Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm” – Winston Churchill #WhatIsLiving

Living is Dying. Let’s live life fully. Let’s take everyday as it comes, and maximize the 6 inches in front of our face.  #WhatIsLiving

Let’s live as we would have wanted to have lived when we are about to die. Let’s live with the end picture in mind. #WhatIsLiving

Like Julius Caesar said, don’t live like a coward and die many times before your death, live with courage and die just once! #WhatIsLiving

“Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.”- Norman Cousins #WhatIsLiving

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culled from http://www.twitter.com/deoluakinyemi