Avoid Limited Knowledge


A farmer, on the verge of death, called his two sons to him:

“My good and grateful sons, I’m not long for this world. Everything that I leave to you can be found in our vineyard.”

The old man passed away soon afterwards. Thinking that their father had left a great treasure for them in the vineyard, his sons began to energetically exlore it.

Using spades and plows, they turned over every last bit of earth. They knew all parts of the vineyard and examined every plant.

Eventually, they realized that there was, in fact, no great treasure. But because of the thorough spade work, the vines strengthened, the haevest grew richer, and the wine the brothers made that year was the best vintage ever.

Beloved, do you know much about your company or the business you’re in? 

There is always room to learn more, to discover and explore new grounds. It’s never late to start. There is always a better way to do whatever you are doing. Find it.


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