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You Can Change the World

James Watt was born on January 19, 1736 in Scotland, in the small port of Greenock near the mouth of the River Clyde. His father is a trained carpenter and can build anything, from furniture to ships. Mr. Watt’s fine business sense and skills brought good money into the family’s home. Although not rich, he and his wife Agnes were comfortable. They needed that comfort, for their home life together was blighted by sadness. Agnes had baby after baby, and they all died.

When James was born, she re-doubled her efforts to protect her baby from the dozens of illnesses that threatened children then. This time, she succeeded and James – a thin, weakly little boy – survived. But his ailments survived with him. All through his childhood, he suffered from migraines and dreadful toothaches, and they condemned him to a sort of double life. One day, he’d be talkative, friendly, interested in everyone and everything around him; the next, he’d lost in a haze of pain.

He was obviously bright but, at first, his migraines stopped him attending school. So his parents – themselves highly intelligent – started educating him at home. Agnes taught him to read; her husband, busy though he was, made time to give him lessons in writing and arithmetic. He also gave him a small carpentry set; armed with miniature saws and chisels, the boy took all his toys to pieces, put them together again, and then invented new ones.

James spent a childhood as happy as his troubled health would allow. Watt learned everything about his father’s business and by mid-teens, his mind was made up. He wanted to be a maker of scientific instruments, not a carpenter nor a shipwright.

In 1754, he left home to acquire more training in Glasgow. Later, he was over-worked, under-nourished and rejected until he met Joseph Black, a hugely-distinguished scientist who’d just been appointed professor of chemistry of Glasgow University. Black arranged things so that Watt could set up shop in the university grounds. And they made it official by giving him the title of “Mathematical Instrument Maker to the University”. This was all the support Watt needed to achieve his dream. He eventually invented a new improved steam engine.

His steam engine was faster, cheaper and more powerful than any earlier model. His Steam Engine was to harness power in a way never achieved before and one that would mark the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Before the ‘Steam Age’ energy was provided by humans actually pushing and pulling, horses, wind or water – all of which have one main problem: they are controlled by nature, unpredictable, unreliable and not very strong.

The new steam engine could be used to pump the mines clear of water, to speed up production in the cotton mills, the flour mills, the steel factories. It changed the face of the world industrially and socially – papers were printed faster, trains were invented for land and steamships for water. Industry moved from a home-based craft trade to factory-based mass production. James Watt’s steam engine changed the world itself.

You too, can change the world. Make it happen.

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Start with Yourself
Madame C.J. Walker

Madame C. J. Walker was born as Sarah Breedlove to poor farmers Minerva and Owen Breedlove on December 23, 1867 on the shores of the Mississippi River, on a cotton plantation in Delta, Louisiana, USA. Exactly two years after the abolition of slave trade.

She was orphaned at age seven, married at fourteen and became a widow and mother at twenty. She experienced hardships and discrimination typical of the United States at the time. As a result of her parents’ death, she was forced to move from one household to another.

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What causes you the most stress?


Its a good morning.

I woke up strong and feeling refreshed. Got set to work, filled with thoughts of running the day. The big picture and quest to become financially free never skipping my mind. Sometimes, I feel uncertain of what tomorrow holds but I am very hopeful for the best. I constantly keep my psycho-motor in motion by a motivational book authored by the likes of Stephen Covey, John Mason, Deolu Akinyemi (my Mentor) and most importantly any Holy Book (Bibles and the writings of the Saints)… I got to office and stumbled upon the post below. It reliefs the stress to my quest of Financial Freedom, I know the answer but the how is really demanding. My previous post summarises the how.


  • Debt is my biggest source of money stress. I owe so much money that it keeps me awake at night.” Jide – Architect


  • “I stress about money because I haven’t got any!” Omowunmi – Receptionist


  • “Looking for money gives me stress. As a country, we have money, yet we are all suffering and still lack. The major cause of my daily stress is what I have to go through to have money. John sells Recharge Cards and Engine Oil


  • “My biggest help in alleviating money stress is my husband, because he and I always talk about money and about both our short and long-term goals. Over the past year we have been educating ourselves about money and looking for ways to cut back on our expenses and save” Sammy – Teacher


  • “…and when one closes in the evening, you usually feel pain, not only because of the search for money, but also because of the situation of the political, social, economic situation of the country”. Israel – Real Estate Consultant


A sample of opinions about money and stress show that financial worries rank as a major cause of stress. This can lead to feelings of insecurity, panic, fear, and anxiety, which ultimately result in health problems and increased medical expenses; the vicious cycle continues.

What aspect of your finances stresses you the most?

Try and identify what it is about your financial life that stresses you the most and then take deliberate steps to do something about it. Is it your debt that is out of control, are you having trouble paying your bills or is the rising cost of education or rent causing much concern? Are there more frequent arguments with your spouse over finances?

By taking definite steps each day towards your goal, you will reduce your stress. If it is debt related, then your priority should be to focus on repaying the most expensive debt first. As always your plan should not be vague or you won’t have the sense of purpose you need to achieve it. It should be as precise as possible; specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and very importantly, time-bound.

Bills, bills and more bills

Bills always seem to arrive at the wrong time. To eliminate the stress of bills, make an effort to settle them as they come in. Are you still paying bills the old-fashioned way? Nowadays there is no excuse for dealing with your most routine bills manually. Several banks offer an online payment system where you can settle your bills without having to issue cheques or carry cash and some service providers have made it more convenient for you to pay your bills through some bank websites.

All you have to do is to activate your internet banking facility, log on to the banks website and set up automatic payments online so that your bills are settled electronically. This frees up valuable time each month and ensures that your bills are always paid promptly and without the stress of being cut off if you forget or are out of town. Be sure to maintain a cushion in your account so that you always have enough to fund the bill payments as they come in.

Do you have a financial cushion?

One of the greatest causes of financial stress is where there is an unexpected emergency that catches you completely unprepared. If you don’t have any cash at all to take care of such expenses or an emergency, you could be forced to liquidate assets such as your stocks at a loss. Do you have an emergency fund for up to six months of expenses in place? Build up some cash savings to give you a cushion and some peace of mind.

Money and relationships

A leading cause of stress in relationships is money; indeed research shows that a major cause of divorce is money. Many couples snipe about bills, frivolous spending and bad investments. Often money matters are not discussed and are left to fester on the back burner until there is a problem. Try to talk about money on a regular basis without blame and in a non-threatening and constructive way. If you are in a relationship, there is so much to talk about that will create common ground for building a financial plan together; this ranges from spending patterns, bills, debt, income, the children’s education, a comfortable retirement, the care of elderly parents, a travel budget and so on.

Taking out even one hour each month to assess where you are as a family and discuss looming expenses will make a huge difference. Even if you haven’t been doing this before now, it is a good time to start to put it into practice. If the family reviews financial goals as a team there is a much better chance of these goals actually being achieved.

Stay on top of your finances

Develop a habit of keeping track of your expenses. By jotting down your daily expenses in a journal for a period, you will have a better idea about where your money is going and you can then identify areas to cut back. It is that loss of control over your finances that causes stress; to regain a sense of control, you need to be more involved. Take some time say monthly to review your finances; go through bank statements, investment reports; you owe it to yourself to keep abreast of this most important aspect of your life.

No one is immune from financial stress, even those who have a lot of it. Those who are struggling for money wonder how they’re going to make ends meet while those that do have it, whilst they may not have to worry about the next rent, often have substantial sums invested and watch fortunes rise and fall with the vagaries of the markets. It is not possible to transform your finances overnight; but by committing to make the necessary changes and with discipline, you will be surprised how much progress you can achieve in a relatively short period of time.

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Is your Child worth it?



Today, I got a message from my financial mentor (Adeolu Akinyemi) and thought of sharing with you a post from his blog. As financial forebearers, one of our thoughts should always drive towards thinking about short term and long term. If you are a parent or a youth who would soon be a parent someday, reading this, the information here would be as useful for you today as it would be tomorrow.

In 15yrs, the world will be more of a global village. Your children will compete with other children around the world for opportunities to work and in business. Children around the world are preparing, is your child prepared?

In just 10yrs, the average human being will have 10 Devices all hooked up to the internet, which of these are you preparing your children on?

In Asia the average 3yr old already has a tab from where they learn, by playing educational games, they are already learning numeracy, literacy and colours – does your child have a tab?

In the West, children are already having a total experience that turns them on academically and makes learning fun by the use of these amazing gadgets. Games like Angry Birds, Bad Piggies and children games have been downloaded over 50million times. Does your child know them?

Here in Nigeria some schools are charging their pupils huge sums and bundling tabs into what primary school students get to use in school, all in the bid to keep them competitive and global. Are your children competitive and global? Do you need to pay N1m per term to keep them competitive?

Chalk is archaic, pencil is getting outdated, the new cool tool for rapid and revolutionary development is the tablet. A2W presents you with one customized specially to aid your child all round global development. As a parent, you can play the same games with your children and keep the communication on.

My Testimony (A2W MD)

My Daughter (Primary 4) and Son (Primary 1) are so in love with the Verizon Tab. I get them to do a number of numeracy sums on it, and they naturally take it more seriously than if it was pen and paper. The glamour of a new tool makes education so exciting. Then I get to tell them that if they do very well, I can get them to play a game. They so love it!

Angry Birds
Angry Birds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Additional Benefits

1. Touch Screen technology helps your child with hand and eye coordination. Children love to touch things and a touch screen gives them the ‘action-reaction’ that creates anticipation and keeps them interested while, at the same time, developing their hand-eye coordination. It also allows for a measure of creativity for art and finger painting programs – and without all the mess.

2. Portable! Weighing less than a kg and with a 5-7 hour battery life, you can take it with you anywhere – whether using it in the car or overnight at Grandma’s house. And unless you unlock the internet access to download some new game or a new i-book, there is no need to be near a Wi-Fi hotspot.

3. Extremely Expandable! Easily converted to a powerful general-purpose Wi-Fi tablet as your child matures. Thousands of apps for general tablet use are available in the Google Play Store marketplace. And, having USB ports, an SD card slot and an HDMI port opens up a wide range of possibilities. They can even play their games from the tab on TV

4. More Fun than a Toy! 60+ Pre-Loaded Programs and Games. All the programs for developing visual word and sound associations, reading, math, telling time, art and memory skills are designed to be great fun for kids.  And when they have mastered a couple of skill levels, you can unlock one of many pre-loaded most-popular adventure and skill games for them – that are arguably even more educational, but in a different way. And while most parents would like to slow the process, you can virtually watch your child mature before your eyes.

5. 1 Year Warranty! Although we test every feature of your tablet before we ship it to you, sometimes computers just break on their own. If your tablet gets ill anytime within the first year of service, we will be happy to repair or replace it according to our normal warranty procedures as specified in our warranty description.

6.  A Time to Bond! Kids grow up way too quickly. We all try to grab onto any opportunity to enjoy a sharing moment with our children.

So, in addition to the obvious educational benefits of this tablet, you shouldn’t overlook taking advantage of spending some quality time with your child in a fun and positive experience you both will always remember.

Looking for a doorway into their world? We’ll provide the medium. You provide the love.

If you would love to create a specially customized tab like this for your children, or you want to resell them on our behalf to other parents, please contact us here FAST. Limited stock available.

Let me know what you think. Drop a comment…

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